About Us

Hey I'm Shannon...

Welcome to the #CleanPantyCrew.

Don't be shy this is a judgement free zone. My goal is to keep vaginas happy one pair of panties at a time. I have worked in the Ob/Gyn field for the past 6 years, Vaginal health is very important to me. I know the struggle of recurrent Yeast and BV infections  and wanted to make a product that would give some relief. Having any type of infection can disrupt your life in a million different ways. My goal with UndiWash is to offer an organic solution without being invasive. I sat with several board certified doctors to figure out what that solution could look like, all of the options given were not helping so I posed the question could the issue be with the detergent we are using to clean our underwear?  With more research I found plant based organic ingredients that could change the way we wash our undies and the outcome.